Why Do We Need to Talk About Spirituality?

Spirituality is said to be a personal matter – it belongs strictly to personal sphere, not the public one.

Some people blend spirituality with psychological experience – thus, it should be a theme within psychology. Others may associate it with considerations on spiritual life – it is more a theory than a life practice. Moreover, spirituality is supposed not to be talked about and “what we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence” as Ludwig Wittgenstein once wrote.

Why not to remain silent?

Even if spirituality is strictly personal, at the same time, it is panhuman – it belongs to human person, it is an integral part of personality. It is manifested as a component of personality and it calls for attention.

Are we aware of it?

In the mirror of knowledge and experiences of others we can sight ourselves – to recognise and distinguish expressions of our own spirituality.

“Knowledge is power,” Francis Bacon allegedly stated. Knowledge about ourselves gives us power over ourselves – it is a key to self-knowledge and a good life.

František Drtikol, self-portrait, around 1943