Tag: mysticism

  • 5 January 2023

    Why Do We Need to Talk About Spirituality?

    Martin Dojčár

    Spirituality is said to be a personal matter – it belongs strictly to personal sphere, not the public one. Some people blend…

  • 30 June 2022

    Return the Power to the Centre

    Gejza M. Timčák

    Return the Power to the Centre, return and do not let it move away. The Centre is empty, things get empty, beings get empty. Unite, unite, get to a conjunction, all…

  • 12 September 2019

    Meeting Spiritual Masters of Contemporary India I.

    Ivo Sedláček

    When we say “India”, it may spontaneously evoke a feeling of something mysterious, deep, pure, exceptional, inspiring… And if we walk one…

  • 4 September 2019

    Arunachala – The Mountain of Living Light I.

    Ivo Sedláček

    “What is essential is invisible to the eye,” said the fox to the little prince in the equally entitled book. And she is perhaps right….

  • 14 July 2019

    Yoga and a Cup of Coffee

    Martin Dojčár

    It was in the afternoon, the smell of coffee was being carried across the room… We were sitting as usual buried in comfortable…