Martin Dojčár

  • 2 February 2023

    What is spiritual in yoga?

    There are many contradictions in the current interpretations of yoga. Among the most surprising is the one concerning an apparent discrepancy between the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. How is “physical” practice related to the spiritual goal of yoga, whether described as enlightenment, self-realization, or otherwise?

  • 5 January 2023

    Why Do We Need to Talk About Spirituality?

    Spirituality is said to be a personal matter – it belongs strictly to personal sphere, not the public one. Some people blend…

  • 14 July 2019

    Yoga and a Cup of Coffee

    It was in the afternoon, the smell of coffee was being carried across the room… We were sitting as usual buried in comfortable…

  • 11 January 2018

    Why Do We Need a Medium about Spirituality?

    Why is a newspaper or a magazine column, occasional news, a report, an article not enough? Why to devote spirituality a whole medium? Maybe because spirituality…

  • 1 July 2015

    Why Do We Need Spirituality?

    I am not a fundamentalist. I do not confuse the finger pointing at the moon for the moon itself (Zen Buddhist Koan). I do not believe…

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Doc. PaedDr. Martin Dojčár PhD. serves as a Professor of Religious Studies at Trnava University and Editor-in-Chief of the Spirituality Studies journal. His research interests include yoga, comparative mysticism, and interfaith dialogue. He is a longtime integral yoga practitioner.