Martin Dojčár

  • 5 January 2023

    Why Do We Need to Talk About Spirituality?

    Spirituality is said to be a personal matter – it belongs strictly to personal sphere, not the public one. Some people blend…

  • 14 July 2019

    Yoga and a Cup of Coffee

    It was in the afternoon, the smell of coffee was being carried across the room… We were sitting as usual buried in comfortable…

  • 11 January 2018

    Why Do We Need a Medium about Spirituality?

    Why is a newspaper or a magazine column, occasional news, a report, an article not enough? Why to devote spirituality a whole medium? Maybe because spirituality…

  • 1 July 2015

    Why Do We Need Spirituality?

    I am not a fundamentalist. I do not confuse the finger pointing at the moon for the moon itself (Zen Buddhist Koan). I do not believe…

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Doc. PaedDr. Martin Dojčár PhD. serves as a Professor of Religious Studies at Trnava University and Editor-in-Chief of the Spirituality Studies journal. His research interests include yoga, comparative mysticism, and interfaith dialogue. He is a longtime integral yoga practitioner.