• 30 June 2022

    Return the Power to the Centre

    Gejza M. Timčák

    Return the Power to the Centre, return and do not let it move away. The Centre is empty, things get empty, beings get empty. Unite, unite, get to a conjunction, all…

  • 12 March 2021

    Icons Viewed Through a New Lens

    Ajahn Jotipālo

    According to commonly accepted usage, icons are “written” rather than “painted.” This implies that icons are and speak a language. Like languages,…

  • 25 December 2020

    Yoga, Society and Values Today

    Gejza M. Timčák

    The present time is special, because basically – with the exception of countries with oppressive rule – we have all we…

  • 1 October 2019

    Thoughts on the Needed Quality of Yoga Teachers

    Gejza M. Timčák

    Yoga teachers nowadays get educated through a number of training systems. Some get a certificate after a few weekends, some after some months,…

  • 19 September 2019

    Nama-Rupa – The Art of Giving Names to Forms in Modern Yoga

    Gejza M. Timčák

    Shri Ramakrishna – one of the greatest yogis of the 19th century – often remarked that all, what we can perceive by…