Return the Power to the Centre

Return the Power to the Centre, 
return and do not let it move away. 
The Centre is empty, 
things get empty, 
beings get empty.

get to a conjunction, 
all planet powers unite, 
and give the Centre all the Power.

Stop the cravings, 
stop the wishes, 
stop the wicked wishes. 
Desire should be one – 
giving the Power to the Centre.
Else more and more empty creatures appear. 
The creatures are empty, 
but create karma
cancel the dharma.

return the Power to the Centre 
otherwise time will not come to an end; 
otherwise space will not come to an end. 
The ahamkara will fill the Centre 
with its own empty programs 
and illusory powers, 
conjuring the maya
conjuring the false impermanent joys; 
the vasanas will reign, 
the malas will accumulate. 
Alas, it sets the yugas to be full of asatya.

withdraw all that is centrifugal, 
switch to centripetal, 
find the path. 
It is there, 
only the direction should be opposite.

Stop crying, 
stop whining for nonsense, 
stop separating, 
stop forming false alliances. 
Come to a halt. 
Return the Power to the Centre, 
Give up all centrifugal benign or malignant projects. 
Then all will come to the Centre 
and suddenly all is back at its correct – 
the only correct position. 
Time will stop, 
space will vanish, 
Sat-chit-ananda will fill the Centre. 
Scattered beings with scattered minds, 
with billions of wishes, 
will come to a unity. 
Will come back to the Centre 
and all karmas will burn in the mahapralaya 
leaving everything empty.

Only the Centre is then Full. 
Yes, the shadow will winch and lure the comeback of time and space. 
It will find the emptiness from everything that is not the Centre terrifying, 
so will give up itself also to the Centre, 
where it will be held as a secret source of problems, 
a secret source of possible future suffering.

Ah yes, there may be a Spanda appearing again. 
No one knows when the shaktis will jump to work anew, 
starting to draw the Force from the Centre. 
No one knows when the vibrations start 
when the big bang of something 
is coming out if no-thing. 
No one knows what the rules will be, 
what would be the duties, 
what strength will emanate 
form space and time again.

Wake up, 
wake up, 
do not run away on the path of space and time 
leaving tracks of karma behind. 
Do not try to impose your will 
on events that flow 
as it will cause undue pain.

Do not let your mind to run, 
ékágra and niruddha
Stop dreaming the past and future, 
it is a trap!

Come back to the Centre, 
give back the Power to it. 
The illusion of emptying the Fullness will disappear. 
The Fulness will encompass all. 
Return the Power to the Centre and the real life will you live 
unseen, unmanifest and yet fully potent.

Oh, ahamkara, the controller and collector of duties, 
of pain and pleasure, 
succumb to Tattva shuddhi
allow yourself a noble demise. 
Make yourself useless: 
no more tracking, 

The balancing of imbalanced, 
the mystery of creation of more and more complicated spaces and times. 
Though seemingly complicated, but infinite stages can be put to rest in the Centre, 
the ever-full Centre that appears to be emptied 
by centrifugal self-willed tendencies will shine and then Be as it ever is

Like a salt doll merged into the sea, 
like a spark flying from the fire, 
like a fire consuming a log, 
cannot give an account of its relative life, 
so when the Power is back in the Centre, 
not even ananda
not even consciousness, 
only That which alone is will become the Home.

Thus finite and infinite and all the dualities will disappear. 
So this is a last report, 
there will be no one to give more reports, 
there will be no one. 
The Power is back in the Centre, 
all demodulates, 
welcome back from this and that.

Now welcome beyond the One – 
the Centre is now nowhere, 
the creatures, processes are nowhere, 
the pen comes to a full stop. 
No more pen, no more ink. 
No more paper, 
no more hand to write, 
no more eye to see, 
and ear to hear,
no more mind to structure, 
no more ahamkara to supervise, 
no more space and time to give a reference frame. 
All is about to melt away 
to the Centre 
which becomes unmanifest.

No sama, no adhi
No idam, no aham. 
No aham, no idam…

Watercolor © A. G. Timčák, 1926