Why Do We Need a Medium about Spirituality?

Why is a newspaper or a magazine column, occasional news, a report, an article not enough? Why to devote spirituality a whole medium?

Maybe because spirituality is not only a theme among themes – a momentary agenda, fashion wave, good business investment in the megabusiness with health and the “spiritual”.

As a component of personality, spirituality is something truly existential – a phenomenon with a universal meaning, an anthropological constant. It has accompanied us throughout the entire history of our biological specie; it has always been present as an integrating centre of motives, attitudes and feelings as well as cognitive orientation, a core of personal identity and the meaning of life (Pavel Říčan) in the peripeties of our individual ontogenesis.

Spirituality as such belongs to the notion of a human, even if its meaning can manifest itself in various life situations and periods differently: it comes to the fore in situations of uncertainty, when order and stereotype of life are confronted with instability, meaninglessness and suffering; it falls into decline in the periods of prosperity and success.

In the turbulent times of socio-cultural changes and personal crises it is spirituality that offers itself as a tool (among tools) of facilitation of various forms of xenophobia and acceptance of the dynamics of personal, cultural and social changes.

Face to face to the contemporary cultural motion, in the dramatic hustle and bustle of life “exams” spirituality requests to be heard and calls for our attention. An independent medium about spirituality then takes its voice seriously.