S p i r i t ua l i t y S t u d i e s 7 - 2 Fa l l 2 0 2 1 9 Monique Rebelle 2.7 Union with the Ultimate Consciousness The answer was inspiration . I naturally grasped that thought and in the same moment became it. My awareness, in an in- stant, expanded in all directions, reaching everywhere. I perceived that I AM the creator in the moment of creating. I connected with the Ultimate Consciousness, the Only One God, Brahman and I became IT in omnipresent lucidity and bliss. I became present in the moment of being created by consciousness and I was creating that consciousness by the same action. As soon as that realization became complete, everything was flushed away by the brightest Light that sud - denly engulfed me. Soaring like a comet in that boundless illumination, I tried to find more thoughts, but there was not a single thought left. There was only very bright Light. The state of full consciousness exists in the absence of all thought. Just by being in the state of constant, inexhaustible inspiration, in peaceful ecstasy of potential creation, all life is realized. I say “potential” because it is the essence of con - sciousness that creates unlimited potential. The experience of life is a result of our multidimensional perceptions. That stage of union with the Ultimate Consciousness was light and blissful awareness: no thoughts, no changes, no time. It was not possible to think or measure anything, yet the awareness was absolute, beyond any knowledge. The precious sacredness that was initiated with the discovery of ever-present love was carried to the state of unity and peace in full capacity of being. When the process was complete, I just sat motionless, until I knew it was time to get up and get out of the tub. All was clear, but I could not find words to describe it. I went upstairs to my studio. Although I was very aware what hap - pened but would not be able to express it – my mind was blown. The lid was blown off the top of my head, I did not want or need to think. I had no program to follow or a dream to fulfill. I knew I was going to do something, but I did not care what it was, because I was free. Whatever I did was al - ready complete. In place of any mental analysis of what took place, I had only awe and total reverence. The scope of what I experienced was beyond any possible rationalization – I was more than amazed and wonderstruck. The recognition of the unbelievable greatness that presented itself to me demanded nothing short of complete devotion and surrender. “ This is how religions are born, ” I said to myself.