8 S p i r i t ua l i t y S t u d i e s 7 - 2 Fa l l 2 0 2 1 2.6 Immortality Revealed The vision appeared out of a dark purple background, but I had no idea what I was looking at. In front of me was a neon green grid of thin laser lines disappearing into infin - ity. The lines crossed evenly, and every crossing had a little neon blue light with a white, pulsating center. As I kept on asking, investigating the meaning of the image, an intuitive answer came with certainty: I was looking at the matrix of creation! The pulsating lights contained coded in- formation about each life, past and future. They were sources of each individual life story. I wanted to know if my life was there too, and I began searching the infinite grid, hovering over the matrix of creation. Eventually, soon after diving into the unknown, I suddenly felt one of the blue lights had my essence. There it was, in that tiny blue capsule! I looked around and realized that the substance of each life is created beyond the frame of time we are accustomed to. It was al- ready there before we could see it or identify it. It existed in another dimension. It was a rather somber discovery that all lives have a cod - ed destiny that is simply formulated on a grid, but it would quickly become of minimal importance. A few moments later it was replaced by an eruption of conscious energy that could not be described by words. It was not a vision, and its ap - pearance was not external. It was inside of me, an immense, tremendous realization that eventually formed into a state - ment. Whatever I had experienced or imagined before disap - peared compared to the magnitude of this new realization. I felt arising from the inside, like an atomic explosion, but silently – a free and boundless being . Then, the statement I AM came from the depths of my existence. Something immense emerged and spoke and it was not possible to add anything to it. That state of glorious recognition lasted for a while. I was acutely aware of all that was happening and what had happened up until that moment, and new realizations did not contradict one another as I was in a state of full aware - ness and comprehension. I could see at once through all the worlds I had visited so far. My existence now presented itself on the background of eons of time, throughout the lifetimes. I was a single unit of consciousness existing independently of any measure. The illusion of the material world became thoroughly clear and my soul – the Self was forever released from earthly concerns. It was clear that the sense of individ- ual identity remains with the soul throughout lifetimes and that all souls have similar characteristics. The eruption of conscious energy I described above, led to the next stage, and allowed me for a particular discernment that in turn led to another astounding realization. I noticed that soul, while timeless, appears on the background of phys- ical reality as a creator of itself, in a burst of creative impulse. That moment of discernment illuminated my very reason for being. It became clear that the deep, irresistible pull into the creative process, is the intrinsic nature of all souls. All the pains of mortal life were worth that clarification. Following the observation about the soul creating itself was another discovery: Existence comes into being continually expressed by that blissfully sublime, yet unimaginably potent force. All is created simultaneously, in every moment anew, just by the energy of a thought. The sphere of thoughts is instantly comprehended and ar- ranged into concepts that are, in that state, still abstract. Four years prior to the present experience, I had an epiphany about the abstract dimension while painting. I realized what had happened then. I existed in that sphere again, this time clearly one of the thoughts, observing my own becoming. I began wondering what gives soul the energy to create it - self, when the question eagerly appeared, “ what creates all of life? ” The answer came in fast and clear, promptly after the question, and my mind was blown again.