1 0 S p i r i t ua l i t y S t u d i e s 7 - 2 Fa l l 2 0 2 1 3 What I Have Learned frommy Experience The transformative experience described above opened my understanding to a variety of spiritual topics including hu - man subtle body and its subtle energies. What exactly have I learned from my experience? The following interpretation represents only a small part of my major insights. 3.1 The Subtle Body In my experience, as my consciousness was “traveling” up- wards the spine, it was passing through what I recognized as “dimensions of perception”. In my understanding, the di- mensions are ever-present fields and chakras serve as the gates to them. Through these dimensions of perception we experience life from different perspectives and thus come to different conclusions about life. 3.2 The Kundalinī Energy I went through the full Kundalinī rising experience without knowing anything about it. Kundalin ī is considered to be resting at the bottom of the spine in the sacrum area in the physical body, between the first and second chakra of the subtle body. According to my understanding, as it creates the body, from being a formless entity without any characteris - tics, it becomes survival, sexual, and creative. When Kundalin ī is awakened and risen – moving through each chakra and finally reaching above the top of the head – spiritual enlight - enment takes place. I understand that it is not yet the per - manent state of enlightenment, as for that our consciousness needs to reside permanently in the heart center. Accordingly, to my observations during interactions with my students, partial Kundalin ī awakenings are more common, but can cause various physical, emotional, mental, and other prob- lems. During a partial Kundalinī rising the current is unable to break through heavily congested or undeveloped chakra(s). Therefore, in my teachings, I focus on clearing the lower chakras and cultivating the upper ones, and not on arousing Kundalin ī . I have experienced that Kundalinī can arise and become visible uncoiling outside of the body. During a full, complete process of ascendance, its current enters the chakras and clears up all the congested and stagnant energy. Thus, Kund- alin ī arousal can revitalize human body and empower it with a lot of extra energy. My abundant, seemingly tireless physi - cal energy after the experience was astounding me for years. 3.3 Dimensions of Perception My consciousness moved through seven dimensions, and I re - alized that each of them is operating on a different principle. Many of my observations align with the existing information about the Kundalin ī energy and chakras, as well as the pro- cess of Kundalin ī rising. The root chakra is the gate to the first dimension , which opens to us the realm of material reality we experience. That intricate reality includes our bodies and all the physical world. It is the “flesh and blood” of our being. The second chakra is the gate to the second dimension relat- ed to the realm of emotional experiencing. In my experience Kundalin ī is able to move through the second chakra when there is no “emotional content” in it. At the beginning of my spiritual experiences, I actually instinctively arrived at that state of “emotional emptiness”. The full Kundalin ī current cleared up all the lingering emotional blockages forever. Thirty years later still, none of my deep, heavy emotional problems ever came back. The third dimension accessible through the third chakra is, in my understanding, the dimension of will and goal oriented, discursive thinking. I perceive Ego as a dominance of the first three chakras in our subtle body system. From a practical point of view, when the emotional, i.e. , second chakra was emotionally neutral and with my mind being trained to focus and surrender, Kundalin ī could enter the third chakra and clear it up. When this happened, all my thoughts arrived to the present moment and subsequently vanished. In this way Kundalin ī passage through the third chakra released the hold of Ego and freed my mind. The fourth dimension is, based on my experience, the dimen- sion of sacred love, that is, the source of all love we expe- rience, both personal and universal. I also learned that all concepts originating from the power of goodness belong to that dimension. Like all other dimensions, sacred love exists beyond the construct of time and can be accessed through its gate chakra, which is the fourth one. In the first part of the passage through the fourth chakra, I experienced receiving the grace. After I received the grace, I became aware that all