S p i r i t ua l i t y S t u d i e s 7 - 2 Fa l l 2 0 2 1 7 Monique Rebelle given to me. The preciousness of that realization became sacred. With my whole being, I held that sacred love as the meaning of my life, as the meaning of all life. I began to send my abundant love to all beings who were living their lives feeling unloved. It happened naturally – my heart poured out love. As that took place and I witnessed it, I eventually comprehended that it was precisely what Bud - dha and Jesus taught and did. Now, I knew the secret. They had received that same love and spent their lifetimes giving it and teaching it. My desire for peace and love in the world was not just a naïve, silly fantasy of an inexperienced youth. Rather, I concluded, love is the wisest, deepest truth of life and came to an understanding that Christianity began with acknowledgment of that universal love. It became clear to me, that although love is always there for us, we are too busy, or rather attached to our physical, emo- tional, and mental realms, to feel that love. I started to think about the problems of the world, about how blinded we are by the material reality. By the time I experienced the revelation about love, all my potential needs and desires were satisfied in surplus, and I was united in love with the real source of love. Now, with - out any personal needs and completely fulfilled, I could see clearly and lovingly, the rest of humanity, with all the people and their problems and suffering, and I knew that I had been given wisdom that could help the world. “ This is what it is all about! ” I thought. Love was flowing in abundance from my heart naturally, without me making any decisions about it. I felt my open, compassionate heart giving love to the world. 2.5 An Expansion of Consciousness Moments later, I humbly contemplated the magnitude of the sacred truths that were revealed, when suddenly I began to hear music. At first, I thought it was coming from somewhere in the house, but soon I realized that the growing sound of a heavenly orchestra was only around me. The concert was full, monumental, beautiful, and so arousing, I was soon mes - merized by it. The air turned blue and was getting still bluer and denser. The choirs of angelic voices sang in notes too high for humans to reach, and as low as the Buddhist chants and lower. The harmonies were spell bounding, and I was swaying, entranced. As the music continued, I noticed the air getting even darker blue and shapes coming out of darkness. Soon I could see illuminated images of figures scrolling in front of me. They were passing slowly and as they reached my eye level, each of them introduced themselves and deeply gazed into my eyes. I accepted their greetings and felt they were acknowl - edging my state and knew more about it than I did. I under - stood their appearance meant introduction into their realm. At that time their individuality did not matter, nor did mine. Our connection was about their work and the purpose of my induction into the world they existed in. Without words I was given access to shared knowledge that was guarded by the group I was now a part of. I had no words for what was going on, but at the same time, I knew it without words. With rev - erence I watched the figures slowly fade into darkness, when the next stage of my transition began.