S p i r i t ua l i t y S t u d i e s 7 - 2 Fa l l 2 0 2 1 1 1 Monique Rebelle is loved and in love forever. I also found, that after a full Kun - dalin ī rising, practice is still needed to bring consciousness to settle in the heart center . Passage of Kundalin ī through the fourth chakra initiated the element of sacredness that con- tinues as Kundalin ī goes higher. The fifth dimension I found to be an exchange of energy. Energy can be exchanged via various ways. We mostly ex- perience it through sound, but there are also other ways we can receive and give energy. I realized that spiritual healing needs the fourth chakra participation but is facilitated by the fifth chakra. To my understanding, the sixth dimension has many layers, such as visions and intuitive explanation of visions, percep- tion of the known reality as an illusion, understanding of the hierarchy of chakras, realms of archetypes (including deities), conceptualization of all religions and various esoteric sys- tems, and so on. I experienced that the process of Self-real - ization takes place in the last layers of the sixth dimension. This is when we realize we are eternal and exist beyond any earthly measures. The seventh dimension appears to me as the witnessing con- sciousness – observing and discerning wisdom. The process of Kundalin ī movement through the seventh chakra was most incredible. As my Self-inquiry continued, Oneness with what I call Ultimate Consciousness took place without thoughts and in complete, all-encompassing Light. 4 Conclusion The transformative experience of my life has taught me that consciousness is not human, nor non-human . Consciousness transcends human reality and creates it at the same time. As such, it is always accessible. The key to it is hidden in our “ordinary” human consciousness. But even that doesn’t seem ordinary to me. Through the lens of my transformative expe- rience human consciousness appears to me structured – mul - tidimensional. My experience has also showed me the way, how to uncover its structure. The “path” goes through our subtle body when Kundalinī travels up. When Kundalinī is able to make the transit through all the major seven chakras , one’s individual - ized consciousness unites with the Ultimate Consciousness. At that very moment, individuality is transcended and the real (unimaginable to us) consciousness reveals itself.