Spirituality Studies 9-1 Spring 2023 9 Monique Rebelle 5 Multidimensional Consciousness System Overview Following my experience and research, I propose a model of Multidimensional Consciousness as an original interpretative structure, a system that embraces all aspects of consciousness. In my understanding, there are seven main dimensions that human can engage with throughout the lifetime. Each of the dimensions needs to be explored as a separate world with specific qualities and individual methods of transcendence. In this article only the main characteristics of each dimension are listed. The First Dimension of Perception: The Material World. The first chakra, which is open in all of us who are present in a physical form in our physical reality, allows us to experience our corporeal being and feel it through the main five sensory organs: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. It is all that we can call a material world, starting with the smallest, invisible particles (electrons, atoms, molecules), and conclusively manifesting monumentally in huge objects like cosmos and galaxies. In my understanding the measures of length, width and depth are only the sub-dimensions of the material dimension. Colors associated with the first chakra/dimension are reds, browns, grays, and black. The note that resonates with it is C. The Second Dimension of Perception: The Emotional World. Although when accessing the information about the character of the second chakra we can often learn that the nature of the second chakra is emotional, sexual, and creative, in my view the sexual and creative characteristics are the attributes of our Kundalinī lodged in the body. The second chakra opens us up to the dimension of all emotional ranges, from most negative to most positive. Raw emotions appear as a reaction to a particular situation we encounter before our mind formulates an opinion about it. The colors associated with the second chakra/dimension are all variations of orange and pink. The note resonating with the second dimension is D. The Third Dimension of Perception: The Mind and Will. The chakra located in the region of solar plexus opens us up to the world of thoughts and decisions. During my experience my consciousness (Kundalinī) entered the third chakra and cleared it from all my life stories, concepts and mental structures and restored it, for a time being, to a perfect analytical tool resembling a computer. Our human existence is dominated by the power of the first three chakras and the respective first three dimensions are the ones our consciousness is busy with most of the time. The dominance of the first three chakras over the whole subtle body and our subordinance to the third chakra of mind and will creates what we call ego. I understood that time is a sub-dimension of the third dimension of perception. The mind needs time to operate, while other dimensions function without it. The colors associated with the third dimension are all shades of yellow, the note is E. The Fourth Dimension of Perception: Universal Love. Spiritual masters have been talking about this dimension for many centuries, even millennia, because they experienced it on their own beings. During my experience I could clearly feel the moment of receiving the grace, a phenomenon known in many religious and spiritual traditions. This is when our consciousness enters the sacred aspect of life, the supernatural showers us with abundant flow of love and saves us from the states of misery and hopelessness, it can save our lives. Some of us, who have this chakra open and developed, can often feel that love. It has no boundaries, no time, and no designated space, except maybe the personal hub of the fourth chakra in the subtle body. The fourth chakra opens us up to the true love that we can feel deep in our hearts. In my experience, during the passage through the fourth chakra, there were flowing translucent greens and some fuchsia, and pinks as well. The note F resonates with the vibration of the fourth dimension. The Fifth Dimension of Perception: Sound and Connection. This rich dimension has to do with the element of connection, exchange of energy. Our fifth chakra facilitates the act of giving and receiving energy, communicating in various ways with other people, animals and also – what science is unable to prove so far – with other beings that don’t necessarily have physical bodies. It is the group consciousness, group healing, group rituals, music, rhythm, and dance. Any form of energy exchange, including telepathy and psychic insights, are taking place in the fifth dimension. With the fifth chakra open one can receive visits from angels, ascended masters, ancestors, animal spirits, spiritual guides, and many others. The events of connecting with such entities are known from NDEs, OBEs and other kinds of spiritual experiences. Color blue is a background for the animated theater of the fifth dimension and the leading sound is note G.