10 Spirituality Studies 9-1 Spring 2023 The Sixth Dimension of Perception: Intuition and Vision. This sphere is even more complex than the fifth, the passage through the sixth chakra allows for a visit to many layers of this dimension. By exploring the sixth dimension we can intuitively grasp the meaning of sacred symbols and sacred geometry, significance of colors, visions, archetypes, gods and deities, esoteric sciences like astrology, numerology, and more. This is the immensely creative dimension where even whole religions are conceived. In this dimension we are no longer supported by the collective exchange of energy. Here we are investigating on our own using the process of Self-Inquiry, by intuitive comprehension (as differing from the linear, logical method of the third chakra mind). If this process is activated, in the final stage of exploration of the sixth dimension one can see through the illusion of our mundane reality of the first three dimensions, one can self-realize as an eternal soul and continue transcending to the next chakra. Dark purple or indigo and the note of A are associated with the environment of the sixth dimension. The Seventh Dimension of Perception: Pure Intellect. It can be also called Divine Wisdom because the conclusions that come from having the seventh chakra active are deep spiritual truths conveyed in philosophy and poetry by sages, and spiritual masters. These truths are universal and reveal themselves initially without the presence of thoughts, but by a realization of unity with the ultimate consciousness or God, and the nature of that ultimate consciousness. The experiences of breaking open the seventh chakra and entering the seventh dimension are very much the same for every person who gets there. It leads to a state of bliss and complete awareness, of a full presence and understanding that one is being created and one creates simultaneously, at every moment, in a flow of divine inspiration, engulfed in the brightest light. Shades of light violet turning into white light and the note B resonate with the seventh dimension. 6 Conclusions The outcomes of personal experience, resulting in discovery of the system of multidimensional consciousness, subjectively confirm the existence of the chakra system and Kundalinī energy, but also bring information that shines a new light on the function of particular elements of subtle body complex. For example, Kundalinī in a living human takes on the function of survival, sexuality, and creativity and the second chakra is simply the gate to the dimension of emotion. Each of us possesses the subtle body and is able to experience transcendence of consciousness through the dimensions. To go through a full experience and observe the system of multidimensional consciousness, the knowledge about Kundalinī, subtle body, and chakras is not needed. What is needed is a series of practices that will train and cultivate chakras. Still, even with practices, the timing of a full Kundalinī rising taking place cannot be predicted or guaranteed in one lifetime. Chakras are the gates to the seven spheres, each of particular nature, extending beyond individual chakras and their lifespan in an individual. This new, groundbreaking knowledge about ever-present dimensions can be utilized in better understanding and application of our consciousness, it can allow for a more effective progress of the human race towards more beneficial and able beings.