Spirituality Studies 9-1 Spring 2023 37 Gábor Pék, Gejza M. Timčák 7.2 Using Callback Functions The success of manas chakra dharana depends on many circumstances including one’s attention power, however, as a safety option one can formulate a sankalpa towards one’s chosen deity to wake one up if slips into dreaming without awareness. This is basically equals to the registration of a so-called callback function that is well-known technique in software engineering. A callback function is a reference to an executable code that is passed as an argument to another piece of code. In our case, the callback function is the signal to stay alert that is to be executed when throb of falling asleep arrives. 8 Conclusion In this paper, we suggested a variety of dharana practices for sādhakas fitting the metaphysical positions of “difference” (Sa. bheda), “difference in non-difference” (Sa. bheadabheda), and “non-difference” (Sa. abheda). We highlighted some key similarities between these techniques and certain elements of software engineering with a special emphasis on cybersecurity so as to help practitioners with such technical background. The described sādhanā protocols underwent a series of preliminary tests that indicated, that in case of a cultivated sādhaka, they work very effectively. Naturally, their tests will continue, and the results will be reported in the future. Hopefully, this contribution clarified also some of the aspects of well-known dharana techniques as well as highlighted new perspectives on them to advance both in their understanding and in the spiritual practices themselves. Notes [1] Actually, they are non-existent objects in a self-reflecting mirror (Sa. pratibimba) according to the Trika philosophy. [2] As Kallata says “prak samvit prane parinata” that is translated to “consciousness is at first transformed into vital energy” (Bäumer 2021, 29). [3] Talas are underworlds namely atala, vitala, sutala, talatala, rasatala, mahatala, and patala that project tattwic contaminations through tala chakras situated down from the hip (Sa. atala) to the sole and toes (Sa. patala) if we resonate with their tests. [4] In Unix environments a new background process can be launched with the and character, while the CTRL+Z shortcut puts an already running foreground process into the background. [5] Anavopaya is the combination of anava and upaya, which is a lower type of practice as an objective help is used mainly to “calm down the mind” (Sa. cittavisranti). At this stage, the process takes place at the level of individual consciousness. When one uses only one’s consciousness or attention, the practice is called saktopaya (Sa. cittasambodha – “awakening the mind”), which is a subtler process. If Supreme Energy arisen in the sushumna nadi piercing all dualities the process is called ś mbhavopaya, in which the “mind dissolves” (Sa. cittapralaya). [6] “I” in the heading is a double-edged word: it refers to “Intelligence” (Sa. Mahat) as a parallel expression with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) used more and more frequently today. Due to non-dualism this Intelligence is the emanation of the Self (“I”). [7] DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge winner Mayhem from the Carnegie Mellon university: forallsecure.com. [8] Fuzzing uses a wide variety of inputs for an application to check if it breaks under given circumstances.