Spirituality Studies 9-1 Spring 2023 85 Russell Suereth our social interactions. Challenges associated with social categorization were examined. How mindfulness can alleviate some of those challenges was discussed. The article then showed how everydayness and ordinariness are valuable aspects of mindfulness. It also showed how social categorization occurs in our everyday and ordinary lives. Finally, it showed that mindful attention to everyday social categorization could help us be more aware of our social categorization of others. Based on these findings, mindfulness and our associated mindful actions can benefit how we look at our social categorization of others. In addition, being more aware of how we interact with others may reduce our cognitive tendency to place people into groups that increase our differences. Hopefully, this article shows that a path is possible toward a greater awareness of our social categorization of others and exposes the actions needed to resolve those categorizations. Two areas for further investigation come to mind here. First is a deeper analysis of our internal cognitive processes of mindfulness and social categorization. This analysis could reveal mechanisms that are shared and that accommodate each other. In this manner, mindfulness and categorization could inform one another in ways we have not yet considered. Another investigation could occur in the realm of the everyday. Everydayness is vital to our humanity and sacred connections, yet we must pay more attention to it. A close examination could identify everyday aspects associated with social categorization and uncover connections we had not previously considered.