Spirituality Studies 9-1 Spring 2023 71 Miloš Lichner Received February 2, 2023 Revised March 17, 2023 Accepted March 18, 2023 Key words Augustine, Christian spirituality, contemplation in action The history of Christian spirituality emphasizes the difference between the active and contemplative life. This has caused a problematic division between spirituality and practice of the Christian Church. Augustine of Hippo was among the first theologians who addressed this issue. The study explores Augustine’s answer to this issue based on textual research of the Augustinian corpus and presents it as an early Christian symbiosis of contemplation in action that has not yet been explored in the history of spirituality. Prof. ThLic. Miloš Lichner, D.Th., SJ is a theologian specialized in Latin patrology with a particular focus on the theology of St. Augustine and the post-Augustinian tradition along with early Christian dogmatic theology. He is involved in translating and publishing works of the Fathers of the Church in the Slovak language. He currently serves as the President of the Slovak Patristic Society. He is one of co-founders of the Slovak Society for Catholic Theology – the Slovak section of the European Society for Catholic Theology. He authored and co-authored multiple books, research studies, and articles. His email is milos.lichner@truni.sk. ←← Augustine of Hippo