Spirituality Studies 9-1 Spring 2023 5 Monique Rebelle Illustration 1. Energy Pattern Torus by Space Wind, 2021. what is available on the subject. One of the more informative ones (although not always fully aligned with my observations) was Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith (1990). Mostly by using the knowledge gained during the experience, but also from helping others on their path, and participating in meetings of the Kundalinī rising experiencers group in the years that followed, I was able to come to more conclusions about the subtle body and Kundalinī rising. 4 Kundalinī Rising Process Considering all these factors, I came to understand that in general, there are two kinds of Kundalinī rising experience – partial and full risings. Partial Kundalinī risings are much more common, and their results are not always positive. A full Kundalinī rising ends in the Kundalinī energy traveling through each chakra and exiting through the crown chakra. Optimally, the energy takes some time to circulate through the chakras (forming a torus shape energy pattern), clears all of them and infuses with new energy. If the process is very fast, it is difficult to distinguish the stages of the passage. In my case the Kundalinī process was very smooth, and I was able to understand it clearly. Without any previous knowledge about the phenomenon, either theoretical or experiential, I could observe my consciousness transcend and travel through subsequent worlds, which I soon after called dimensions of perception.