Spirituality Studies 9-1 Spring 2023 35 Gábor Pék, Gejza M. Timčák 6 Code Injection Aided Descend After completing the process of ignoring the mirrors of false self-identifications, which is practically the method of neti– neti, there is nothing else left to realize from one aspect. Still, from another point of view, there is still a step to do: descend. According to various sages like Śrī Ramakrisna [13], Utpaladeva [14], or Śrī Ramana Maharshi (Brunton and Venkataramiah 2013, 189) if a disciple is only able to ascend, it is a partial realization. In alchemy, this final step is called in Latin rubedo [15] that is the integration of the psychospiritual outcomes of the process into a coherent sense of Self before its re-entry to the world (Hamilton 2018, 125). This is the state when a person is reborn where the ego and the Self are no longer differentiated, but the body, the mind and the complete energy system are merely a tool of Self-expression. To do this, one must accept the cloak of time and space once again, although, this way these are completely purified. The identification of the Self is not confused with the cloak anymore but used as a mean to participate in the world of senses. Netra tantra describes this final descend to the Heart from this highest point of the Path [16]. What really happens in the background is quite similar technique to that of code injection attacks applied by various malicious actors in the cyber space. Benign applications and processes are programmed in a way to complete the tasks according to their job description. In order to modify this default behavior, adversaries inject malicious code into them in order to divert their original behavior pattern in accordance with their nefarious means. Just like code injection attacks, the process of rubedo etches the new personality traits into the purified energy system so as to live a life that is entirely dharmic (e.g., attains perfection). Although, this similarity may look a little bit farfetched at first glance, we should consider here the pillar of equality in the philosophy of Tantra and the reflected nature of “wakening state” (Sa. jagrat): “The candala (the untouchable sudra) is symbolically worshipped as Siva” (Mishra 2011, 48). When the aforementioned process is not completed automatically, but if one successfully realized a higher state of consciousness, a code injection sankalpa can still be formulated to one’s chosen deity. This way, a personality barrier burnt into one’s energy system long ago can be overridden much more efficiently. An example is when one intends to change one’s way of thinking towards a previously stereotyped behavior pattern to derail the vasanas into a more uplifting track. 7 Taking Control Over Dream States “Dream state” (Sa. svapna) and “deep sleep” (Sa. susupti) serve as a transition of one’s higher realization. While one enters and leaves these states consciously during daytime meditation it is essential to take control over them at night also, before falling asleep. This is the sole purpose of the well-known technique of yoga nidra (Satyananda 2013). Fully realized yogis are established in samādhi independently of their states as Ramana Maharshi says in his interview with Paul Brunton and Munagala Venkataramiah (Brunton and Venkataramiah 2013, 189; referring to Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi 17, 23, 226, 230): Q: Do you go into ‘nirvikalpa samadhi’? A: If the eyes be closed, it is ‘nirvikalpa’; if open, it is ‘savikalpa’. The ever-present state is the natural one, i.e., ‘sahaja’. In the following, we describe a dharana that might bring advancement for one to take control over dream states also.