Spirituality Studies 9-1 Spring 2023 33 Gábor Pék, Gejza M. Timčák demodulate the illusionary perception of dichotomies allowing for executing code on a plane that was originally believed to be non-executable. This aforementioned approach is more a general aid to help overcome dualities, however, when there is a specific bondage (e.g., illness, pain in the back) is identified one can utilize the concept of ROP as a remedy as follows: 1. One should nurture a strong belief that the specific bondage no matter where it takes place doesn’t belong to one. 2. Realize that in real there is no duality so whatever offer one articulates towards a given deity (i.e., a higher realization of I) is reflected back amplified to one presiding on the original loka. 3. As one (i.e., limited subject) just like one’s all empirical experiences are reflection of mantras (i.e., vak) emanating from a higher level (i.e., para), the bondage is also a reflection. Thus, if one offers the sequence of impressions [12] to one’s chosen deity, it will be automatically injected back (i.e., return instruction) as an impression that negates the next one. What happens is that the reflection (i.e., bondage) when offered, the deity will send it back to one, however, this original reflection will be reflected once again negating the reflection itself. For example, if the original atomic impression was a problem related to the “water tattwa” (Sa. Jala), and the corresponding syllable “kha” was offered, the deity will play back this very same syllable. However, due to the reflected nature of the lower loka, this syllable will arrive as its reflected counterpart, which is “ha” (Sa. Sadaśiva). As all this takes place in time for one, the injection of “ha” can be considered as a desynchronization attack against the kañcukā of Kala (Sa. “time”). It means that instead of experiencing another “kha” in time, (after the first sample of “kha”), the reflected injection of “ha” will demodulate the vibration of the next “kha” syllable. This way, all the sufferings can be demodulated. The example below demonstrates the explanation above: • original sequence of syllables would be experienced by one: “kha kha kha”; • desynchronized sequence of syllables after offer: “kha ha —”. The sign of “—” means that the following second “kha” has already been demodulated so the experience of bondage cannot take place anymore. The technique mentioned above can be extended to the practice of ātmavicāra suggested by Śrī Ramana Maharshi where everything that one experiences is infused back into the hrdayam and can be offered completely to a chosen deity. This is basically a ROP chain comprises the sequence of syllables of the whole energy system. When this whole sequence is offered, which is basically a surrender to the Self, due to the nature of reflection everything in this sequence will be returned reflected to the original loka of the person, however, demodulates instantly the corresponding energy system entirely and it takes an end to empirical consciousness.