30 Spirituality Studies 9-1 Spring 2023 (Sa. Sat–Chit–Ānanda) gives home for all the processes and phenomena one can experience. In this scheme, our energy system is the target application to be assessed by Mahat. To achieve this, one has to formulate the sankalpas as follows. 1. Create a protection shield using the energy system of Sri Yantra in order to avoid all malefic influences resulting from karmic bondages. 2. Find all the weaknesses of the energy system and start fixing it. To do so, first the contamination caused by the injected vibration needs to be cleansed. Then the “hole” in our kosha system needs to be patched. 3. Once one feels that the real fix takes place, the karmic bondages get automatically resolved and the effulgence of Self start manifesting. The process is automatic from now on and the individual perception is swapped into Universal Consciousness. One can formulate a sankalpa to timeframe the process also as mentioned earlier in chapter 3. 3. As a final step one can also create a sankalpa to penetration test one’s energy system similarly to the method of fuzzing [8]. In this case, one asks one’s chosen deity to generate events (e.g., critical decisions, love, hatred) and run these vibrations against one’s freshly fixed energy system. If there is no resonance with these tests anymore, our vulnerability assessment and fixation process was successful. By keeping repeating the method suggested above, one can stabilize one’s energy system much faster and prepare it for more energy intensive experiences. Note that if karma intervenes, for example, through illness, it is feasible that a stealthy vibration (i.e., active attack) cannot be detected and resolved by a higher deity either. 5 Denial of Service of the Mirrors of “I” All the practices we mentioned above used the reference point of individual consciousness supposing that a person needs performing actions or one’s state should be changed to achieve a higher state of realization. From another aspect, however, this assumption is false on its own as it projects the problem of salvation to an illusionary concept namely the individual consciousness assuming that we are that. In other words, by performing any action from a wrong reference point is like treating one’s shadow to prevent one’s heart attack. Abhinavagupta (1998, 77) in Malinivijaya Varttika gives a clear non-dualistic explanation for yoga relevant for our purpose: Moreover, this Ś stra teaches the Yoga of Siva thoroughly (samyag). This Yoga of Siva is said to be non-dualistic and beyond dichotomies. Instruction in this [note: yoga] is given in this way: if [note: something] is imagined to have a certain amount of division, it is explained by analyzing it again and again. For this is no practice (abhyasiki-sthitih) for entering into and remaining in the pervading Bhairava who is without duality, as both [note: entering and remaining] are completely dependent on duality. Therefore, all the efforts made by teachers and disciples serve only to remove this inhibition caused by all the duality they are imaging. Thus, it is essential to grasp the problem at its very root to realize everything we believed we are nothing else but false self-identification. All thoughts, desires, the energy system itself, the body, the perceptions of the gross and finest objects are merely reflections of the desires stemming from identification problems. All these objects are solely images on the mirror of consciousness and any action that we are about to perform on such reflected images will only strengthen these false imprints. In cybersecurity, Denial of Service (DoS) attacks use various methods to render a target system, computer, or device unavailable. One of the highest threats is carried out by wipers that erase the content of devices causing huge loss of information. Interestingly, from yoga’s point of view, our goal is quite similar to that of wipers realizing that all problems come from imagined dualities as Abhinavagupta said (1998, 77). Duality is the side-effect of desires, which makes the