Spirituality Studies 9-1 Spring 2023 3 Monique Rebelle 1 Introduction Anyone can experience a spiritual awakening. I begin with this statement to denote the times we live in and how much easier it is these days to for us to understand that the concept of spirituality is not necessarily linked to religion in its institutional form as it used to be for centuries. It is rather the other way round: each religion draws from innate spirituality and expresses it in accordance with its own belief system. The phenomenon of non-religious spirituality is on the rise (Pew Research Center 2017). Spiritual awakenings may bring strange physical sensations, extremes of sexual or emotional lows and heights and unusual states of awareness. Some can appear as sudden moments of blissful joy and clarity but later, after the inexplicable, wonderful state fades away, the sense of bewilderment, confusion and loss might set in. For many of us spiritual awakenings let us feel love and connection with something much greater than us in every way. Other times we can receive communication, healing or guidance from other than human beings. There may be perplexing or illuminating mystical visions and philosophical epiphanies full of wisdom and deep spiritual truths. Then, there are times, when in the process of a full awakening, new and unprecedented insights can take place. By presenting the Multidimensional Consciousness System, I am introducing an original way of understanding the phenomenon of Kundalinī energy and the structure, and function of the subtle body, according to my own experience. The insights offered in this article, in particular observation and interpretation of dimensions of perception, and a new take on Kundalinī energy can be considered milestones on the road to a more consciously evolved human being. Monique Rebelle is a spiritual teacher, painter, and an author. Born in Poland, she dedicated her life to art at the age of fourteen. In 1992 she experienced a spontaneous Kundalinī rising. Subsequently Monique has spent twenty-five years evaluating her experience and eventually began providing spiritual teaching. She authored the book Transcendence Calling: The Power of Kundalini Rising and Spiritual Enlightenment. Her email address is info@moniquerebelle.com. ←← #123 Open Transit © Monique Rebelle.