Spirituality Studies 9-1 Spring 2023 23 Gábor Pék, Gejza M. Timčák Dhāranā from the Perspective of Computer Science Gábor Pék, Gejza M. Timčák Received March 14, 2023 Revised March 25, 2023 Accepted March 25, 2023 Keywords Yoga, dharana, Kashmir Saivism, computer science This paper attempts to link selected sādhanā protocols to software engineering and explains their effect on making the sādhanā more effective. Similarly, after having tested the described techniques, it suggests a number of positive results in applying these concepts and protocols to sādhanā. The application of sankalpa to these new areas helps to optimize the time management without losing the depth of the sādhanā. Dr. Gábor Pék, PhD. earned his M.Sc. diploma in computer science in 2011 and his Ph.D. in 2015 from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary. He is an Assistant Professor at the CrySyS Lab, Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He started practicing yoga in 2018 and is developing special sādhanā protocols in cooperation with his mentors at home and abroad. His email contact is gaborpek@protonmail.com. Doc. Ing. Gejza M. Timčák, PhD. graduated from the Technical University in Košice in 1964, he got his PhD from Imperial College in London in 1975 and served in various capacities mainly at the BERG Faculty of Technical university in Košice, Slovakia. He got his first formal yoga teacher qualification in 1979. Since 1981 he is also a tutor at Teacher Training Programs. He co-organized multiple yoga programs and conferences starting in 1978 and published nearly 100 papers, including several books, on various aspects of yoga. He is available at spjke@netkosice.sk. ←← Crown, Brow, Throat Chakras, Nepal 17th Century.