S p i r i t ua l i t y S t u d i e s 7 - 2 Fa l l 2 0 2 1 6 7 Mária Dědová 3.3 Correlation Network Figure 2 shows how different types of coping with cancer and different domains of spirituality are interconnected within the correlation network. Public and Private practice of faith are strongly positively interconnected, and both these spirituality domains are negatively connected to Helpless- ness/Hopelessness and Anxious preoccupation (maladaptive coping) that are both strongly related to each other. On the other hand, Intellectual, Ideology and Experience domains are strongly related to one another and are strongly related to Fighting spirit and Fatalism (adaptive coping) compared to maladaptive coping. Intellectual and Ideological domains of spirituality are negatively related to Fighting spirit and posi- tively related to Fatalism, such as Experience of faith domain. Figure 2 Types of Coping in Relation Domains of Spirituality Anxious Preocupation Hope−Helplessness Public Practice of Faith Private Practice of Faith Cognitive Avoidance Fighting Spirit Fatalism Ideology Dimension of Spirituality Experience of Faith Intellectual Dimension of Spirituality 1.0 0.5 0.0 -0.5 -1.0