Volume 6 / Issue 1 SPRING 2020

Content issue Spirituality Studies 6-1 Spring 2020 Publisher: The Society for Spirituality Studies Published in partnership with Monastic Interreligious Dialogue and European Union of Yoga Available online: www.spirituality-studies.org Editor-in-Chief: Doc. Dr. Martin Dojčár PhD. Graphic Design: Martin Hynek Contact: editor@spirituality-studies.org ISSN 1339-9578 Editorial Martin Dojčár Donate Spirituality Studies’ mission is to deliver the top quality of studies, articles, educational materials and information related to spirituality in its multiple forms. At the same time, the journal provides a forum for sharing personal spiritual experience. By combining both academic and experiential approaches to spirituality the Spirituality Studies aims at providing a unique platform for dialogue between a variety of viewpoints, approaches and methodologies in the study of spirituality. There are no submission or publishing charges for authors. However, please consider donating to support continual publishing of Spirituality Studies as an open access journal for free. Your donation will be used for financing running the journal. 01 02 Journeying with Psyche and Soul in Spirituality Larry Culliford 16 Science and Mysticism: Possibilities and Limitations in Exploring Mysticism Slavomír Gálik 24 Meaning in Life and Ethical Education Martin Brestovanský 34 From Acosmism to Dialogue: The Evolution of Buber’s Philosophical View on Mysticism Peter Šajda 42 Lectio Divina and Neuroscience: Preliminary Notes Radovan Šoltés 52 Mind and Body in Budo: Poems of the Way Antonio Terrone 62 Body and Spirit – a Mirage… Sandó Kaisen ← ← Cover: Santa Teresa de Jesús, oil on canvas Jusepe de Ribera, 1630