Volume 6 / Issue 1 SPRING 2020

Mission Spirituality Studies is a double-blind peer reviewed academic journal published twice a year in English for international readership. The journal welcomes original contribu - tions from various academic fields reflecting the phenomenon of spirituality in its multi - ple forms and from multiple perspectives. Spirituality Studies covers a wide range of theoretical and practical (lived spirituality) issues related to spirituality, such as processes of “spiritual” transformation as reported and described in various traditions of mysticism (in Christianity, Judaism, Islam etc.) or yoga (in Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, new religious movements etc.). The journal publishes theoretical and empirical studies, research articles, essays, interviews, reviews and poetry. Spirituality Studies also provides a forum for sharing personal spiritual experiences of spiritual practitioners elaborated in a form of an autobiographical essay or poetry. By combining academic and personal approaches to spirituality, the journal aims at providing an exceptional interdisciplinary platform for constructive dialogue between a variety of viewpoints, approaches, and methodologies in the study of spirituality. The third area of the Spirituality Studies’ focus is spiritual education. When publishing studies on spiritual education as well as teaching and methodical materials, which reflect practical experience of educators, Spirituality Studies facilitates education related to spirituality and fosters the awareness of the importance of spirituality for personal, interpersonal and social well-being. The journal is published by The Society for Spirituality Studies in partnership with the Dialogue Interreligieux Monastique/Monastic Interreligious Dialogue (DIM·MID) and European Union of Yoga. It is housed on the spirituality-studies.org website.