Volume 6 / Issue 1 SPRING 2020

5 8 S p i r i t ua l i t y S t u d i e s 6 - 1 S p r i n g 2 0 2 0 3. Avoid laziness and do not procrastinate. The adept trains hard even when tired, and wakes up when sleepy. Alertness leads to victory. Torpor leads to defeat. 4. Do not be guided by instinct and emotions when engaging in combat. Stay sharp and maintain an open and intuitive mind. Enter a combat as if it were the last one. Give all yourself in a confrontation, and you will be victorious. Hesitate and withdraw, and you will always loose. 5. Everyone can easily see the path under the sun. But only the adept can realize the way under the pale light of the moon. Rely on an illuminated path and you will surely achieve nothing. Let your mind guide you, and you will reach your goal.