Volume 5 Issue 1 Spring 2019

2 S p i r i t ua l i t y S t u d i e s 5 - 1 S p r i n g 2 0 1 9 “All Shall Be Well”: Several Phenomenological and Metaphysical Insights into a Spiritual Experience of Julian of Norwich Received April 2, 2019 Revised April 17, 2019 Accepted April 19, 2019 In my paper I present several phenomenological and metaphysical reflections on spiritual experience of Julian of Norwich (1342– 1416). First, I discuss the meaning of sin , which is qualified as pain, isolation, clash of intentions, misperception, having no essence, as inevitable, and as a “reward”. As unnatural and unreal, sin refrains mind from the perception of the real and the natural and distorts intentional relations toward the world, others and oneself. Within this context, I show how the true sense of personal identity is revealed through the process of mystical transformation. Further, I outline certain ontological and metaphysical claims and questions. Was the medieval mystic taught something about the relation of mind and reality? A possible way how to apprehend the analyzed experiential ontological features is to radically employ and expand the Christian notion of incarnation . Key words Julian of Norwich, mysticism, personal identity, phenomenology of sin, incarnation Jana Trajtelová