Editor’s note

I am pleased to announce the 2016 Spring edition of The Spirituality Studies Journal. The current issue brings together the research papers of Stanislav Grof, Anna Andaházy and Gejza M. Timčák, as well as of Ivana Ryška Vajdová, side by side with profound insights into the spiritual practice delivered by renowned authors: Květoslav Minařík, Míla Tomášová, and Sandó Kaisen. The editorial is written by Slavomír Gálik, professor of philosophy and a religious studies scholar at The University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Slovakia.

There are two novelties I am glad to introduce along with this issue: the new visual of the Spirituality Studies covers, designed by Martin Hynek, our graphic designer, and the digital edition of The Spirituality Studies Journal available now thanks to kind support of Hanneke and Mies Arts.

I am confident that the 2016 Spring edition of Spirituality Studies will provide you – our readers – not only with information but also with inspiration on your paths on exploring spirituality.

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