Editor’s note

It is my pleasure to announce the 2016 fall edition of The Spirituality Studies Journal. The current issue addresses two sets of questions as Doc. RNDr. Adrián Slavkovský OP, PhD. points out in his Editorial – one concerning the inner spiritual search, the other one dealing with communication as a process of making the inner search available to others. The first set is represented by articles of Stanislav Grof, Květoslav Minařík, and Sandó Kaisen; the second set by research studies of Sharon Lauricella, and Amir Azarvan.

There is a completely new visual of Spirituality Studies introduced along with this issue, a standard format of printed journals designed by Martin Hynek, our graphic designer.

Our Editorial team’s effort to introduce The Spirituality Studies Journal into databases of academic journals successfully continues as Spirituality Studies has been recently indexed in the ERIH PLUS – The European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences.

Let me hope that you find the pages of the 2016 fall edition of Spirituality Studies a source of inspiration in exploring authentic spirituality.

Spirituality Studies

Martin Dojčár



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